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ARM LIFTING (Brachioplasty)

Losing weight is a very healthy process, If an person who is
over-weight loses a lot of weight either naturally or by a surgical
procedure, This can have a very positive effect for the persons
appearance, self esteem and most importantly have lasting
health benefits. However in cases of excessive weight loss or
natural aging will leave the skin stretched, loose and sagging.
This is more casually known as Batwings.

Even though there are very few medical issue (heat rash
caused by the skin literally rubbing together). This could be
deeper emotional impact by effecting self confidence and how
you think others perceive yourself.

The area's that can be most affected by sagging of the body
after a major weight loss or natural aging is as follows:

  • The tummy.
  • Breast.
  • Arms.
  • Legs.

Toning up and going to the gym is the most effective and
natural way to rectify these body areas.

In cases where the upper arm skin has been stretched, due to
weight gain. It will not be possible for the skin to have its
previous form because it loses its elasticity with time.
The solution is surgery.

liposuction may be applied to the areas to reform the elasticity of
the skin. However, this may also create additional loose skin that
may need to be removed. In these cases the surgical method
will give the most permanent and effective result.

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