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The breast is one of the erogenous organ with symbolise
femininity. Every woman would like to have aesthetically
beautiful breasts

Breasts may lose their volume due to developmental retardation
or weight loss. This can have a saggy appearance when the
skin covering the breast becomes loose.

It is possible to improve the appearance of saggy breasts
that have lost their fullness and liveliness with a breast
lifting operation. A single mastopexy operation can not be
enough for saggy breasts that do not have sufficient volume.

The Breast lifting procedure is an intervention that only reshapes
the breast eliminating sagging. It will not increase the volume of
the breast. In these cases, normal fullness can be achieved with
additional application of breast implants.

The operation technique varies according to the degree of
sagging. In cases with slight sagging, the nipple is moved
to its normal position and the loose skin around it is removed.

When this technique is applied, an inconspicuous round scar at
the margin of the areola around the nipple is formed. If there is
excess sagging, the loosend skin at the lower half of the breast
should also be removed.

In these cases, in addition to the surgery scar around the nipple,
another scar, perpendicular to the bottom line from the nipple
also forms. With these applications, the breast achieves a more
upright and lively appearance. During the same procedure,
breast prostheses can be implanted to achieve fullness of the

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