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BREAST REDUCTION (Reduction Mamoplasty)


Large breasts can dominate a woman's appearance and make
you look unbalanced and make exercise difficult or even
impossible to do. Breast reduction surgery is a procedure for
reshaping exceptionally large breasts surgically to increase your
comfort and satisfaction. Overly large breasts may have a
considerable affect on self-confidence and can even affect
personal relationships and health.The aim of surgery is to give
you smaller, shapelier breasts that are in proportion to the rest
of your body.

Having overly large breasts can cause posture defect, back and
neck pains and psychlogical problems, seen especially in the
teenage period. (For the young girls in puberty, if the breasts are
overly large, the surgery may be necessary to prevent the
negative psychologicall affects).

The reasons for having overly large breasts can be hereditary,
hormonal, being over-weight or not getting back in to shape after
a pregnancy. Breast reduction is currently one of the most
performed operations of plastic surgery.

There is no age limit for breast reduction surgery, as long as the
breasts are completely developed, but in some cases there are
exceptions. Statistically 12.5% of all breast reduction surgeries
will be performed during the puberty period. For advanced ages,
the increased risks of the surgery must be compared with the
necessities of the operation, and then it should be decided to
perform it or not.

If you have asymmetry problem (if your breast or nipples have
size differences) these aesthetic defects will also be removed.

Questions before surgical operation:

  • Is the increasing size of the breasts caused by a
    hormonal problem?

  • Are my breasts still experiencing growth?
  • Is there a painless or pain-creating bulk in the
    breast which can be felt by the hand?
  • Has the breast had an infection or surgical
    operation in the past?

After the operation you will find walking easier and standing in an
upright position more manageable. Any nerves which are going
to your arms and hands will be tightened in the shoulder under
the collar bone, this can sometimes cause pains in the hands, arms and wrist. You may also experience some power loss to
your hands. You can also get rid of these problems with breast
reduction surgery, and smaller breasts will allow more freedom
of action and movement.

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