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During the developmental age of young men, as a result of
hormonal-changes the condition of over-developed or enlarged
breasts, is common in men of any age.

This generally occurs between the age of 13 - 15 years old.
In ninety five percent of cases it will be naturally correct it
self within a couple of years. In cases where this does not
happen and breast developement may become permanent
because of various reasons, it is medically refered to as

Gynecomastia can be caused by various reasons.
Such as hormonal reasons, tumours or use of medication.
For example the hormone secreting tumours can cause the
over development of the breast tissues.

The Gynecomastia can turn into a social problem which may
negatively affect the young men’s physical activities self esteem
and may limit there choice and style of clothing.

As some men may even avoid wearing t-shirts, sun bathing or
undressing in other people’s presence to hide their condition.

Instant development of the breast tissue in middle age can be
associated with hormonal levels. Tumours markers should be
checked and  medical tests must be performed to investigate
the problem and locate a possible hormone secreting tumour’s
Hepatitis, cirrhosis, lung cancer, lung diseases,heroin and
similar drug substances. Also using anabolicmedication for
gaining weight and increasing the muscle mass can result with
the problem of gynecomastia.

Although In some cases no reason could be found for cause of

In a young man the breast structure constitutes from connective
tissue and breast tissue, but in adolescences it starts to
include fat tissue. Classical gynecomastia starts during puberty
and continues to an advanced age, but the gynecomastia can be
caused by other reasons arising in advanced ages and generally
it is (one breast). Gynecomastia can be evaluated in three
groups depending on the size and loose skin that it creates.

The breast is enlarged and there is sagged skin.The size is like
a woman’s breast but the sagging has not yet formed.The size
is limited and there is no sagging or slackening on the skin.

Once the reason of gynecomastia has been identified,you
can start to plan for the treatment.

The treatment of gynecomastia is surgical one. Unfortunately
there is no alternative of hormonal treatment.

If you have the first level gynecomastia and the excessive
part is formed mostly by fat tissue, it can be corrected by
liposuction. If the excessive part formed by the glandular
tissue, these tissue will be removed by making a small
incision on the nipple.

The same treatment will be done also for the second
level gynecomastia. For the third level of gynecomastia
the excessive skin must also be removed in addition to
the other procedures.There can be some permanent
scars depending on the amount of  skin removed. The
clarity of the scars change according to the skin type.

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