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EYE SURGERY(Blepharoplasty)

During blepharoplasty surgery, the lower eyelids must be
evaluated together with the cheek, and the upper eyelid must be
evaluated together with the eyebrow. On the lower eyelid, the
fatty deposits will be preferably slid under the cheek. If there is
no excessive skin, The preferred method of entry is to enter
from the internal part of the eyelid.

The eyelid surgery will provide a lively and reenergised look to
the eyes, improves the sad, angry or tired expression on the
face and in turn rejuvenates the appearance and boosts

A better result is achieved when the blepharoplasty surgeries
are performed together with the brow lifting, eyebrow lifting and
temporal lifting procedures.

For cases where wrinkles appear on the brow and droopiness
appears on the eyebrows, the mid-face lifting procedure is
recommended to rejuvenate the droopiness of the cheek area.

During examination the position and anatomical structure
may be different from each other. Therefore upper and lower
eyelids should be separately evaluated.

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