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Advancing age starts to affect every tissue on the face.
Negative effects from stress, gravity, smoking and the sun
start to appear and accelerate the aging process.
Also facial bones weaken, become thinner and lose their volume.

The muscles begin to lose their tightness, slacken and start to
sag with the affect of gravity. The overworking of certain muscle
groups leads to unwanted (like frowning brows) features.
Fat tissue separate between the loosen connective tissue and
muscles. When soft tissues and skin relocates downwards, a
skeletal appearance develops under the eyes and on the cheeks.

The skin starts to sag, crease and loses its elasticity. Soft
tissues form which creates static lines on the face. The lines
on the face, forehead and around the eyes becomes distinct,
eyebrows, cheeks, and the under part of the chin and the neck
sag. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are evident and as a
result an older, tired and decadent appearance.

A face lift can be applied to every healthy person feeling the
affects of the aging process. With a face lift, eyelid surgery,
lifting of the eyebrows, aesthetic nose operation,
chin augmentation,chin reduction, liposuction to the under part of
the chin, fat and tissue injection can also be applied for a more
youthful appearance.

The cheek’s being projected and elevated over the malar makes
a woman look young,healthy and more attractive. Another
foundation of the face is the position of the eyebrow.
The elongation of the edge of the eyebrow like an arc.
The illumination of the upper outer dial of the eye gives a woman
an attractive (star eyes) appearance. Chin contour attracts the
attention at first in the neck region. Operation should correct the
chin contour.

Frontal and superior anatomic structures describe a youthful
and healthy appearance. The biggest mistake made in the past
was the usage of surgical procedures that leads to indistinct,
tense faces and transversely elongated mouths that
looks like being in a wind tunnel that stretches the face
laterally and upwards.


1) Around the eyes, edges of the eyebrows, forehead,
grooves at the sides of the nose, and including the
area around the mouth.
2) Cheek, under part of the chin and the neck.

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