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Q. When can I pursue my normal activities again?

Patients are typically able to return to work about
one week after their upper arm lift. However, it is
recommended to wait several weeks before
partaking in any strenuous activity. This will help
with the healing process and minimize the
formation of unsightly scars.

Q. How will I look immediately after the surgery?

You will have dressings covering your upper arms
immediately after your brachioplasty. To promote
healing, it is essential to leave these bandages on
for as long as you are instructed by your plastic
surgeon. Gradually, swelling will decrease and you
may remove your bandages to revile your newly
sculpted and enhanced arms.

Q. How can my plastic surgeon restore my look?

As we age, skin around the upper arm looses
firmness and begins to droop. Brachioplasty can
reverse this unsightly occurrence by tightening
and reforming the muscles into a more attractive
shape. The result is an enhanced appearance and
can give a boost in confidence.

Q. Where are incisions placed for brachioplasty/
upper arm lift surgery?

In order to remove excess skin, incisions run from
near the elbow into the armpit along the inner arm.
The location of incisions is hidden so that any scars
that form are not readily visible.



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