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Q. Should I have a mammography before the breast
augmentation surgery

For patients under the age 35, breast
ultrasonography is recommended
For patients over the age 35, the
mammography is appropriate.

Q. Can breast implants explode?

Though minor, this possibility is present in
saline inflated and gel implants.

Q. Will I have to change my breast implants in the future?

Weight fluctuations and pregnancy affects the
breast volume. Since these issues lead to a
change in the appearance, revising Mammaplasty
may be required.

Q. Can a woman who had undergone breast augmentation
surgery breastfeed her baby in case
of a pregnancy?

In the interventions from the armpit and curvature
under the breast, gland tissues are not affected. 

Q. Will there be a loss in sensation after breast
augmentation surgery

The Nipple approach can lead to partial sensation

Q. Do the breast implants deform?

Cohesive breast implant are form-stable implant.
They are long lasting compared to other implants.

Q. Is there a link between breast augmentation surgery
and breast cancer?

According to a recent study in the Journal of the
National Cancer Institute, No. Breast augmentation
surgery has no link to an increased risk of breast
cancer. The study, similar to others suggests that
women with breast implants are actually less likely
to get breast cancer than women without implants .



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