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Q. What is breast reduction?

It is an operation to remove fat, glands and tissue
from your breasts to decrease their size. You might
consider this if, for example, your breasts are so
heavy they are causing back problems, or you feel
too ‘top-heavy’.

Q. What does it involve?

Some cuts are made in the breast and excess flesh
is removed.  Usually your nipple and areola will have
to be moved higher up the breast. This is all
performed under general anaesthetic and will take
2 - 3 hours. As well as possible complications from
the procedure itself - such as excessive bleeding
or infection, this also carries the risks associated
with all major surgical procedures.

Q. Will I get a scar?

Yes. The surgery will leave scars which will  look
lumpy at first. These will fade over time but will
probably always be slightly visible.

Q. Will I need to stay overnight in hospital?

Yes. You will usually need to spend two nights in
hospital. Recovery time varies but is usually from
6 - 8 weeks.

Q. Will I lose sensitivity?

You may lose some sensitivity


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