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Q. What it is eye lift surgery?

It is an operation to remove excess skin from
around the eyes. This reduces the bags under
your eyes and the sags from your eyelids

Q. Will my eyes be closed after the surgery?

No. Only thin bands will be present on your
eyelids after the operation.

Q. When can I go back to work after the operation?

Your stitches will be removed within the period
asting for two days to one week after the operation.
After the removal of the stitches, your swellings
will subside and there will be no drawback for you
to go back to work after a week or so.

Q. How long before I see the results?

Initially it will look fairly horrific because of swelling
and bruising, but you will gradually see the
improvement as these fade. Scars will be obvious
and pink, but will fade to become virtually invisible over the next few months.

Q. Will it affect my vision?

Yes, but only at first. Your eyes will be watery and
your vision blurred for a few days after the
operation. This will settle down fairly quickly.



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