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Q. What it is face lifting

This is surgery which lifts and tightens the skin
and muscles to give your face a smoother and
more youthful appearance. There are several
different types of surgery which you will need to
discuss with your doctor before deciding which is
most appropriate for you.

Q. How long does these operations last?

With medium face lifting performed at the
endoscopic bone level, a process towards
rejuvenation begins at the appearance of the
patient. The age differences his/her coevals are
preserved. Permanence is long as the depth of
the lifted level. Deep plane approach performed
for the cheek and chin contour is superior than
skin lifting and SMAS folding (pilication) technique.

Q. How long does restoration take after
this operation?

Your edema will start to dissolve after seven to
ten weeks, you can return to your social life.
Heavy physical activities should be avoided.

Q. How much time will I need off work?

If there are no complications you should be able
to go back to work after a couple of weeks,
although you might still have some bruising
and swelling.



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