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Q. How are dermal fillers administered?

The area to be treated will be numbed using a
topical cream anaesthetic. Once this has taken
effect the area to be treated will be injected with
the most suitable form of dermal filler to give the
best results.

Q. How long will it take administer dermal fillers?

Depending on the area treated, approximately
20 - 40 minutes. Depending on the areas
been treated.

Q. What results can I expect from dermal fillers?

The results will be immediate. Your skin will be
smoother and younger looking. Once any
swelling has subsided the results will be subtle
and pleasing.

Q. How long is the recovery period from
dermal fillers?

There is no recovery period necessary when
you undergo dermal fillers.

Q. Are there any after effects from dermal fillers?

With dermal fillers there can be redness,
swelling and bruising which is normal and
will subside.

Q. Are there risks associated with dermal fillers?

There are some risks associated with dermal
fillers, though rare. Transform has performed
more cosmetic surgery than any other provider
in the UK. As such, we are extremely
experienced; there is no provider better placed
to help you become more confident through a
non-surgical cosmetic procedure.

Q. Can I combine other treatments with
dermal fillers?

Many of our clients combine dermal fillers with
BOTOX® / VISTABEL® (the new name for
Botox) for an overall younger looking skin. If you
are exploring procedures to counter the effects
of ageing, then you might like to visit our look
younger page.

Q. How much do dermal fillers cost?

Dermal fillers cost from £170 per ½ ml and
£280 per 1 ml.

Q. How do I arrange to have dermal fillers?

The first step towards getting dermal fillers is
to book a free consultation with our Senior
Nurse Practitioner. At a consultation you will have
plenty of opportunities to ask any questions you
may have about the procedure. The consultation
will take around 15/20 mins, during which time you
will not be given the ‘hard sell’. No pressure will
be put on you to go through with the procedure,
and you will not be forced to make a decision at
the consultation. We understand that this is a big
decision for you and we want you to be totally
satisfied that it’s the right thing to do before
committing to the procedure booking. Of cause
if you do want to go ahead with the procedure
our Nurse can do the procedure immediately.

This procedure can be done in the
UK and Istanbul



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