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Q. What should be expected from hair

Prerequisites of this, like every aesthetic operation,
are being healthy and having realistic expectations.
It is important for the limits of the operation
to be well understood. The goal is to improve your
appearance as much as possible. Before deciding
on the hair transplant operation, ask your experts to
explain the appropriate options regarding your hair
loss type and other properties.

Q. Who can undergo hair tranplantation?

Men with androgenic type hair loss (depending on
the age, hormones and familial heredity) constitute
the patient group that hair transplant is most
frequently applied. Therefore, the most frequent
aesthetic intervention seen in men is hair
transplant. In addition, people having bald
patches in their hairs or eyebrows after burns;
people who had undergone hair transplantation
before but not satisfied with the result; people who
developed partial bald areas after undergoing a
hairy skin operation; people having bald patches
due to some diseases and people who demonstrate
woman type hair loss patterns are candidates for
hair transplantation. You do not have to wait to
be completely bald before undergoing hair
transplantation. Age also does not constitute a
hindrance. However, if the person is young, hair
transplantation approach should be conservative
since the final donor site may not be formed yet.
Ideally, the patient has to have dense sufficient hair
growing in donor sites in order to fill the present
the future. The texture of your hair, having thick or
thin hair will also determine the final result of the
hair transplant. There is not a reason for a healthy
individual with appropriate donor sites not to have
hair transplantation.

Q. Who should perform hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation should be performed by
experts, trained on this subject. This process,
permitted by the law to be performed only by
aesthetic, plastic surgeons with the
accompaniment of dermatologists requires the
experience and training of long years. Hair
transplantation performed by uneducated people
in unhealthy environments leads to unwanted,
distressing results. Due to these wrong transplantations, an appearance of a doll or
grass man can be formed.

Q. Where to have hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure and
since complications may occur as in every surgical
operation, it should be performed in an operating
room. Appropriate operating rooms can only be
present in a hospital environment. With the help of
these facilities, required processes can be
performed in this environment the best. Hair
operating rooms are are comfortable places where
you can execute your daily needs, watch TV, and
eat. They are prepared especially for you, contrary
to usual operating rooms.

Q. What are the complications that may be
present after hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation operations are underestimated
but nevertheless require the care that every
surgical operation needs. Therefore, operations
should be performed in special hair operating
rooms, prepared in the hospital. The safety of the
patient can be provided in hospital formations. If
the person undergoing hair transplantation has
acneic skin, acne may be present for two to four
months. These decrease as hair starts to grow
and disappear completely.



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