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Q. Where are the incisions made for lip implants?

In a lip augmentation procedure with lip implants,
the incisions are made right at the corners where
the lips meet on each side. The lips usually tend
to heal quite fast as long as you don't mess with
them. These means no touching or picking at
your incisions, which can lead to infection.

Q. What should I expect postoperatively?

You should expect to be swollen, tender, and very
full-lipped postoperatively. You may have some
difficulty drinking or eating without spilling a bit.
Your lips may feel numb for several days due to
swelling putting pressure on the nerves in your
lips. Pain relievers prescribed by your doctor
should alleviate any discomfort.

You will have your sutures removed in about
7 - 10 days. It may sting a bit during this process.
The swelling will subside. However, you will be
accustomed to the extreme swelling and once it
subsides you may wish for a little more puffiness -
this is normal. Compare your before photo with an
updated after photo to see the real difference.

Q. Is lip augmentation painful? Is there much

It takes about a week for most of the swelling to
subside, although it will be sensitive to light to
medium pressure for about 3 weeks. There is really
not too much bruising with most cases. Some
patients are prone to bruising more than others.

Q When will I be able to see the results?

The results are usually immediately visible. For
implants and most injectables, your lips will be quite
large and swollen and you will see a difference in
the swelling as it subsides in the first week
postoperatively (or post-injection). The swelling will
more than likely subside more than you would like
because you will have become accustomed to the
size and think that your lips are small in
comparison. Take photos of your lips before
your procedure and compare.

Q What are the risks of lip augmentation?

There are not too many risks associated with lip
augmentation, but it depends on the chosen
implant or filler.

With lip implants, there can be infection and
irritation if the ends of the implant are too long for
the cavity or not rounded, if needed. The good
thing is that lip implants are reversible and can be
readily removed. Extrusion from the body can
occur as the body attempts to reject the foreign
material. Migration can be an issue as well. There
may be permanent discolorations from the bruising.
Possible hematomas resulting in additional
surgeries and excessive scarring from delayed
healing or trauma. Deformity from excess scar
tissue arising from an infection or the surgery is
also a possibility.

Q. I have heard that the risk of infection is quite
high in lip implants, is this true?

The reason the risk of infection is high is because
your mouth naturally has a lot of germs. Plus, your
lips move a lot and can take longer to heal than
other parts of your body that are not very mobile.

If you try and keep your mouth clean, rising
regularly with an antiseptic mouthwash and do
not "pick" at the incision sites, your wounds will
have less of a chance of becoming infected.
Washing all raw fruits and vegetables before you
eat them and avoiding undercooked meats will
also decrease your chances of infection. Good
oral hygiene is imperative and any dental work
should be tended to well before any lip
augmentation procedures.

Q. How are lip implants comparable with injectables?

Many injectables give wonderful, voluptuous and
immediate results, but the results wear off. Lip
implants are permanent, but more expensive.
Injectables are cheaper than implants to start, but
more expensive in the long run because you need
to keep getting injections. There are
semipermanent injectable fillers that give results
that are longer lasting, but they are hard to
remove if you don’t like the results. If you would
like permanent, yet reversible results, get the lip

If it is a very full, pouty mouth that you want and if
don't want anything permanent, get the temporary
injectables, but be prepared to spend money on
touch ups and maintenance.

Q. Is lip augmentation reversible?

Lip augmentation with most injectables is
temporary, therefore it goes away on its own.
Lip augmentation with an implant is reversible.
Permanent injectables are more difficult to
remove, so consider this when you make your



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