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Q. What is liposuction?

Liposuction is a way of shifting those last few
pounds that simply will not budge. Surgeons
describe it as body contouring rather than weight
control, as generally only a maximum of 10
pounds of fat is removed.

Q. Will there be skin irregularities at the sites I
have liposuction applied?

Irregularities and undulating appearance result
from the liposuction operations in which old type
dry method and thick cannulas are used. Today,
wet technique is applied with thin cannulas and
superficial liposuction.

Q. Will there be sagging of the skin
after liposuction?

The success of liposuction operations depends
on the elasticity of the skin. Elasticity of the skin
decreases with reasons like ageing, weight
fluctuations, and bad nutrition. If the skin is not
in the position to restore after the age of forty,
then tummy tuck  operation is performed.

Q. How long will I be out of action?

This depends on the extent of the surgery and
can be anything from several days to several
weeks. Your doctor will advise you.

Q. Will it last?

Yes. Once you have had the surgery those fat cells
are gone forever. However, other fat cells haven’t,
so you will need to maintain a healthy diet and
exercise routine to maintain your new shape.



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