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NOSE SURGERY (Rhinoplasty)

Q. What it is nose surgery?

This is cosmetic surgery to change the shape/
size of your nose. You might wish to reshape
your nose if you think it is too big, or uneven,
or misshapen through injury. Nose reshaping
can also help with some breathing difficulties.

Q. Can anyone have this done?

No. It’s not recommended for under 16’s as the
nose is still growing.

Q. How long does the surgery take?

Usually about two hours.

Q. Will I bleed afterwards?

Yes, some bleeding is normal and you will be
prone to nose bleeds initially. However, excessive
bleeding should be checked out asap.

Q. Will my nose fall down after the operation?

No it won’t. This happens when nose tip supports
are weakened during the operation. This is just
like cutting off the bearing column of a building.
With the weakening of the nose tip supports,
nose tip both loses its height and turns
downwards. However, after a successful
Rhinoplasty operation this is not possible, just
like the covering of the bearing columns of
buildings against earthquake, the nose is
strengthened with the patient’s own cartilages.
In this case, the nose of the patient will always be
younger compared to the other units on the face.

Q. How realistic is the imaging study?

Imaging is the studying of the post-operation on
the computer over the digital image. Requirements
of the patient should be understood and the
patient should understand his/her doctor. As a
result of the study, interventions to be made to
the nose (like enlargement, reduction, lifting,
lowering, nose tip) will be determined. This is a
preliminary work for the operation plan.

Q. Will there be bruises on my face after the operation?

Edema (swelling) occurs after every trauma for
48 - 72 hours. In order to minimize this, cold
compresses or ice should be applied for two or
three days after the operation while awake. The
bruise occurs due to hypotension of the patient
during and after the operation, bleeding
abnormalities (aspirin etc.usage), and nausea-
vomiting. Despite all precautions, bruises can
happen in two patients out of ten. It disappears
in fifteen days on the average.

Q. Can I breathe while the tampons are present?

Today’s nose tampons are very comfortable
dressing materials that can inflate with water.
Silicone pipes are also put inside with the tampons
for the patient to breathe after the operation.
They are pulled out 8 - 24 hours later. Putting
and removing the tampons is not painful.

Q. When does my nose return to normal?

Healing process: First day, pulling out the tampons.
First three days, edema (swelling); ice and cold
compress application. Sixth day, removal of the
cast, bandaging (lying with head elevated during
this period). Tenth day, removal of the bandages.
Twenty first day, dissolution of the edema (75% of
the normal appearance). Restructuring of the shape
is 85% on the third day, 95% at sixth month, 100%
the first year and later on.



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