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Q. What it is ear surgery?

This is surgery which ‘pins back’ or reduces the
size of your ears. You might consider otoplasty if
you think your ears stick out too much, or if you
have a condition like lop or shell ear where the
ear folds never developed properly.

Q. What does it involve?

Cuts are made in your ears, and the ear
cartilage is reshaped. This would normally be
done with a local anaesthetic and edation.
Otoplasty takes 2 - 3 hours. The post operative
dressing is an important part of the surgery as
it helps to make your ears heal into the right

Q. Will I have to stay in hospital overnight?

No. Not always As there is no general anaesthetic
used on adults you can usually go home the same
day, it depends l with children general anaesthetic
is used and a overnight stay is recommended.

Q. When can i go back to work

Although you still need to wear the dressing, you
will probably be ok to go back to work in about
4 -5 days you can usually go home the same day.

Q. Can my child have this done?

Yes, from the age of four. Some doctors believe
the earlier your child has this done the better, as
it helps to prevent the school bullying associated
with looking ‘different’.



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