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The lips play an important role in the aesthetic appearance of
our faces Full, lively, lips have been commonly accepted as an
important factor in the attractiveness of a women for hundreds
of years.

Plastic surgery offers solutions for the women who don't have
full,lively lips. With the aesthetic surgeries, thinned lips might be
emphasized, fulsome lips might be thinned, and the loosened
lip edges on elderly women can be recorrected.

The lip contours can be set off with permanent make-up or
some injectionable materials. The plastic surgery is offering the
possibilities to eliminate the sagging, wrinkles around your lips
and make your thin lips more voluminous, or if your lips are
excessively fulsome, they can be reduced.

For the people who have sagging around their lips caused by
the aging process and look like they have a sad appearance
This canl be corrected, a nicer and lively appearance will be
produced. The wrinkles around the lips will be corrected with
collagen or hyaluronic acid injection, and in appropriate cases
with the laser applications. The important point is correct
diagnosing for the aesthetic defects and correctly defining the
problems of the lips.

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