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The terms like liposuction, lipo-plastic, lipo-sculpture
or suction lipectomy will be used to define the same
procedure. Liposuction is removing excess fat deposits
localized in the specific areas of the body through a
small incision by using a thin cannula to suck the excess
deposits using a surgical vacuum. Liposuction is not
a slimming operation, but it is a body contouring
procedure. The aim of the liposuction is not the weight
loss and therefore no obesity treatment will be applied.

Liposuction can be applied to any area of the body
which has localized fat deposits. Most procedures are
operated in the cheek, jowl, neck, upper parts of the arm,
breast, back, waist, tummy, hip, basin, thigh and inner
sides of the knees. If the patient puts on weight after
surgery, this cannot be stored as before, therefore a
fat deposit will be more balanced.

With liposuction you will have permanent and attractive
improvements to your body figure and contours. Your
psychological well being and appearance will be shaped,
slimmed down and toned with exercises, and this will
increase your self confidence.

During liposuction a special liquid solution is infused into
the area of surgery to reduce bleeding, this can cause
trauma and post-operation pains. The incisions area is
small enough to insert the cannula, which is only
3 - 5 mm in length. The incisions will be made on body
curves or under swim suite areas and after several
month will not be visible at all.

In our clinic the technique of “surface liposuction” is
preferred. After the infusion of bleeding and pain
reducing fluids, through the 2 - 4 mm cannula, selected
in accordance as to which area the liposuction
procedure will be performed. This liposuction technique
lessens the possible irregularities and any previous
liposuctions can be corrected.

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