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Surgeon's Notes


Breast Implants
Implants are divided into two groups according to the
material they contain.

  • Saline
  • Silicone

The outer layer of the implant is made from silicone.
Whilst the inside is filled with either saline or silicone.

Implants Containing Saline

  • Ready to use models

Produced as filled with saline.
Inflatable models:
These are Produced as empty implants - After being
implanted during the surgery, they are inflated with
the saline via a valve present on the implant wall.
These types of implants are placed under the
muscle from the armpit and the nipple.

Therefore, they are classified as breast
augmentation surgery without scars. This type of
implant It is appropriate for patients who have little
breast tissue and natural ribcage, who do not want
to have breasts that are too big.

Implants Containing Silicone

There are two types of these implants according to
the viscosity of the silicone they contain:

  • Implants containing gel Silicone:

Gel silicone is soft and has the same consistancy
as liquid. Gel implants are placed from the nipple
and the curve under the breast. They can be placed
over or under the muscle. These types of implants
are preferred since it has the same viscosity as the
breast tissue.

  • Implants containing cohesive silicone:

This implant type has been developed with the latest
technology. Since it is more dense and viscous than
gel silicone and is not a fluid.
It is anatomical shape (tear drop shaped breast)
prepared according to the size and the requirement
of the patient. Its biggest advantages are, it can be
placed in every plane (under the muscle, over the
muscle and dual plane), preserves its shape (stable
form), its contours do not become curved.

Breast implant shapes

  • Round implants

Have the shape of a half sphere. After they are
placed, they form a plump appearance at the upper
half of the breast. It is an appropriate choice for
incision made from the nipple circle or the
curve contour under the breast.

Inflatable implants(that can be inflated with saline
after placement) can be placed with an incision
made from the arm pit.

  • Anatomic Prosthesis

These are tear drop shaped. Their shapes are
morecompatible with the natural shape of the breast.
After being placed, they form a plump appearance
at the bottom half of the breast. The best way to
place these implants is the incision made from
the curvature contour under the breast.

Examples of Implant shape

A) Round Prosthesis
B) Inflatable Round Prosthesis
C) Anatomical Prosthesis


Placement Site of implants

A) Normal Breast Structure
B) Placement Under the Muscle
C) Placement over the Muscle


The Mammaplasty procedure is conducted under
general anaesthesia in a state of the art private hospital.
The procedure lasts for approximately 30 minutes
to 1 hour 30 mins, this is depends on the technique used.
The patient can be discharged from the hospital and
return to there normal routine.

Chest region is kept bandaged approximately for a week.
Since hidden stitches are applied, no visible stitch
is present on the skin. Heavy lifting and exercises in which
the arms are used should be avoided for three weeks after
surgery. During this period, breast should be supported
with a sports bra.

Your total stay in Istanbul will be approx 4 - 6 days.


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