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Surgeon's Notes

Preparing for the Surgery

Like all surgical operations, avoid taking aspirin during the
last ten days before the surgery. The regular use of
medication and any other medical disorders you  must
notify  the doctor. Additionally no fluid or food should be
eaten during the last 8 hours before the surgery.

After the surgery and healing period

The gynecomastia surgery will be performed in hospital
under general anaesthesia. The fat tissue will be removed
from a couple of small incisions with 3 - 4 mm. thick
cannulas. If it is also necessary to remove the breast
tissues, the excessive tissue will be removed by making
a half-moon formed incision on the bottom line of the
areola (the dark skin surrounding the nipple). The incision
lines are concealed within natural contours, and will be heal
by leaving a very pale scar. If the breast tissue has been
removed, some drain tubes may be placed to prevent the
possible fluid leakages on the operation area.

The surgery will take 30 mins - 2 hours and a special
corset will be worn to support your operated breast. The
drains will be removed in 1 - 2 days according to the fluid
amount. Removing the stitches is not necessary.

You can be discharged from the hospital either on the
same day or the day after the surgery and you can start to
your normal life in 1 - 2 days. The corset must be worn for
one week. After the first week of surgery, especially if you
are doing  heavy activities during the day, you must continue
to wear the corset for the  following three weeks. During the
first days you may have swellings, sensitivity, bruising or
pains during arm movements. These are normal  and you
will start to heal quickly after the third day of your surgery.
If you have pains,  painkillers will be helpful. The sensitivity
may last longer in some cases. Sometimes you may feel the
sensation of, prickling or burning but these are not in a
level that may affect your normal daily lifestyle.

In the second week you may swim, if the body is exposed
to the sun you  have to use sun protection creams, you
must avoid  solarium, steam baths and saunas, you will have
to limit the heavy sports exercises and activities.

They are risks of gynecomastia surgery

Like all the surgical procedures. Possible complications
at the early stages: can be bleeding; this can be minimized
with drains, this risk may be higher for people  who have
extreme bleedings normally and the people who takes


It is not a common complication.

Possible complications on the late stages

The irregularities are very rare, bad scarring, long lasing,
itching  or colour changes may occur, but these will be
healed after a certain period.

Your stay in Istanbull is between 2 - 4 days


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