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Surgeon's notes


Fat Injection

It is very effective in slim faces in early ages. It can be
applied as an additional procedure to face stretching

Facial Peeling Process

The operation that peels the superficial layer and
increasing collagen synthesis in the lower layers and
obtains a young and tight skin.

Releasing and Weakening Endoscopic Corrugators

It is possible to obtain permanent solutions directed to
frowning brows with the endoscopic method. Frowning
muscles are weakened.

Endoscopic Lifting of the Forehead, Temples, Eyebrow Lifting:

The operation is performed by 2 small incisions at the
hairline of approx 1cm each is diameter, the endoscopic
method. It is a fast and very successful operation in young
patients and also in patients who appear to have a tired
expression. In advanced ages, the upper eyelid lift can not
be performed without eyebrow lifting intervention.

Endoscopic Subperiosteal Medium Face Lifting:

The face lifting operation that can be performed from early
twenties to the end of forties that leaves no scar, it corrects
the sagging of the cheek in the malar region and the two
deep curves below the cheek bones providing a healthy,
plump malar.

Deep Plane (SubSMAS) Cheek Lifting:

It is a very efficient method to shape the corner of the
mouth and the chin contour and also in rejuvenation while
malar region is dissolved by endoscopic method.

Neck lifting process is generally applied together with the
medium face lift and deep plane surgery. Sagging of the
neck and wrinkles are removed, a tight appearance of the
neck is obtained, the incision is made at the back of the ear,
no visible scar will be present.

Endoscopic Medium Face Lifting, Classical
Medium Face Lifting:

Rejuvenation of the forehead, temple region, eyebrows,
lower eyelid, cheek region and nose-cheek curve and
mouth contour are all-encompassing in a medium face
lifting operation. It is a hidden operation performed at the
bone level (subperiosteal) by endoscopic method with
incisions of 1-1.5 cm inside the hairline and 1 cm inside
the mouth. Since it has short and hidden scars, is referred
to as face lifting without scars, the results are long lasting.
In the anterior part of the ear, chin contour or neck region,
classical face lifting technique is applied. Today, these
scars are hidden inside and back of the ear. No visible
scar is present on the outside.

Triplanar Facelifting (Face Lifting in Three
Different Depths):

It is denomination of the combination in which over the
malar bone is rejuvenated as subperiosteal endoscopic,
the corner of the mouth and the chin contour is
rejuvenated in sub - SMAS deep plane and the neck is
rejuvenated as muscle and skin. If combined with peeling,
it is appropriate to call this “four plane face lifting”. In the
future, face rejuvenation will be performed with application
of a combination of all of these techniques.

Single surgical intervention or a combination of
them can be applied to each region.

The operation is conducted in a hospital under general
anaesthesia. The process, applied to each facial region
lasts for one and a half to two hours; whole face lifting is
a process that can last for four to six hours. The patient
has to stay in the hospital for one or two days. The face is
covered with a slightly pressurized bandage for two to three
days following the operation. After the operation, issues
like pain, the sensation of tightening, swelling, bruising and
numbness on the surface of the skin can be present. The
pain is not disturbing and can easily be controlled with
pain killers. During the first couple of weeks where swelling
is evident, the sensation of tightness and numbness
subsides, the disappearance of bruising on the operation
area varies according to skin type. This period can expand
to fifteen days in people with sensitive skin. However
swelling can take up to 8 weeks dependant on each
individual, after this period swelling will subside and you
will feel and see the difference from your operation.     

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